Bands & Booking


All booking requests should be sent to Please include links to your web pages, official and social, audio and video. Please do not include attachments, only links. Each submission is reviewed and responses are sent if/when we have an opening to offer. We appreciate your interest in the b side and we look forward to hearing from you.

b side ballroom reserves the right to video 3 songs or 30 minutes of content from every show to be used for marketing and social media purposes.

Audio/Video Policy

For clearance to record audio/video of a performance, the artist must email the b side at least 48 hours prior to the performance. The b side reserves the right to terminate any audio/video recording at any time. If a board recording is requested, please notify the sound person before your set begins. Please pick up the recording immediately following your show. Recordings are not saved overnight.


Audio/Video Policy>Backline

A 4-Piece Drum Kit 1967 Ludwig:

      • Kick, Rack, Floor, Chrome Snare (newer Ludwig set available also)
      • Plus all hardware (no cymbals)


Audio/Video Policy>Guitar:

      • fender blues junior or
      • fender princeton
      • gibson gt 8 (all amps spec’d for room)


Audio/Video Policy>Bass:

      • SVT w/Hartke 4/10


Audio/Video Policy>PA:

        • Full GL-2400 Channel Console
        • EAW Mains & Monitors (4) separate stage mixes,
        • Crown & Crest Amps,
        • shure 81′s ksm 32′s, sm 57/58′s & 58 beta microphones
        • dbx 31 bands on all channels
        • ssl, dbx and art ompression
        • TC Electronics & Lexicon Effects
        • Sound Person
        • 16 Channel Pro-Tools Live Recording Rig
        • Theatrical lighting