7:00 pm

October 11, 2017

An Evening of JAZZ! RICH MOLLIN on Bass, JOHN HVASTA on Drums & MICHAEL BOCIAN on Guitar.

Rich Mollin is an international performer and recording artist based at SUNY Oneonta and Davenport Center for the Arts.

GuitaristĀ Michael Bocian. A virtuoso on both acoustic and electric guitar, Michael Bocian was destined to become an eclectic player with a broad range. He was raised in a home offering ethnic music and instruments – the earliest sounds he was exposed to through his Polish upbringing were church music and the polkas played at weddings. As a teenager, he was first inspired by Motown, then by the heavy rock vibe of Hendrix and Jimmy Page, and finally awed by the Spanish music played by classical guitarist John Williams. By the age of 12 Bocian had settled on the guitar as his instrument.

John Hvasta hasĀ  a new record out called the Ohana quartet and a quintet record to follow soon! He also teaches jazz drumming in the NY area and has been a practitioner of that style for the last 60 years!

Tony Brower comes from the south of England where he started learning the violin and classical music, went onto playing folk music in pubs in Brighton, then progressive rock and pop in Israel. Tony now lives in Meridale where he writes and plays music with various musicians and bands in the area.