Jefferson Hamer, Kristin Andreassen, and Lauren Balthrop

9:00 pm

July 20, 2019

With an obvious nod to the faded glory of the internet acronym, half a decade since those cryptic strings of capital letters were rendered obsolete by animated emoticons and glitter drenched image loops that vanish as inexplicably as they arrive, JKLOL (the harmony singing trio of Jefferson Hamer, Kristin Andreassen, and Lauren Balthrop) mean business about not taking this whole business too seriously. They’ve already earned gold-status in the folk star frequent flyer program, with Kristin fronting legendary old-time group Uncle Earl and having her own songs all over cable television, Lauren releasing an acclaimed album of original songs with Bob Weir’s own producer Josh Kaufman, and Jefferson winning a BBC award for his duo with Anais Mitchell. This new collaboration, nobody’s first rodeo, is built on mutual respect and a desire to bring something fun to the stage, perhaps to express a bit less confessional earnestness, and more pure joy.


Kristin Andreassen…

Lauren Balthrop…