John O’Connor

7:00 pm

October 23, 2019

“John O’Connor’s music is evocative of something timeless and familiar – yet full of lyrical and musical surprises”, says noted songwriter Joe Jencks. From his songs about factory work to his songs about revolution in Central America to his songs about being on the road, audiences walk away from John’s concerts humming his tunes and remembering his stories. John McCutcheon has said, “John is one of those rare songwriters that paints honest, non-romanticized pictures of people’s lives. Like Woody Guthrie or Utah Phillips…” Craig Harris said, “He sometimes sounds reminiscent of Phil Ochs, but O’Connor has shaped his own acute observations of the working class into songs that beg to be song along to.”


With Robin Seletsky on clarinet and Tom Ives on stand up bass, the trio makes up John O’Connor and his Fellow Travelers. “Great songs! Great band!” Tret Fure.