9:00 pm

May 19, 2017

“Ryan Hommel delivers his beautiful music with a discipline and clarity that allows it to travel straight to your soul.” – Livingston Taylor


Multi-instrumentalist/Producer Ryan Hommel has been playing stringed instruments since age 3. Rooted deeply in early Elvis Presley and Stevie Wonder, he started by soaking in the music and absorbing the feelings it could transmit before eventually learning its technical aspects. “As a supplementary musician, I believe my allegiance is to the song more than the artist,” says Hommel. “A great artist doesn’t need supporting, but a great song can live in a seemingly unlimited number of sonic spaces. My job is to help narrow the focus and clarify the message.” At 23, Hommel’s work with Seth Glier on their The Next Right Thing (MPress, 2011) record earned them a 2012 Grammy nomination and the respect of musical super heroes and staples all across the board.

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