Violet Bell

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8:00 pm

July 20, 2018


In a time when arrogant, synthetic and talentless “musicians” are surfing the mainstream, you can’t help but melt over an artist who wears his art on his sleeve. An artist whose music bleeds honesty, a sense of struggle and his raw triumphs is the artist who gets in our bones and shakes loose our demons by slaying his own with chords and words. Artists like Johnny Cash, Janis Joplin… and Stevie Tombstone. For three decades, Stevie Tombstone has crafted a folksy country sound that teeters on bluesy rock. His blend of edgy country with rock ingredients will forever be seared into the blues/folk genre. Acoustically based, his music still bites and strikes but even when it lashes out, it soothes. Simply put, his music has no boundaries—it could appeal to the hardest rocker or the truest country heart. His albums are consistent with few tempo changes and sparse, but varied instrumentation. His straightforward songwriting style features varying themes that are always underpinned by apt instrumentation and Stevie’s deep vocals. Despite the simplicity of his music, you’ll listen over and over again, and still find extra nuances.’

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