Trae Sheehan w/vsg Andrew Carrington $15, Doors: 6:30pm

6:30 pm

September 5, 2021

About Trae Sheehan:
You’re standing at the end of the world, the earth is opening beneath your feet into a cavernous trench, and crows are circling around you. You hear a song coming from the distance, melodic and smothered in poetry. That’s Trae Sheehan’s ‘Hello from the End ofthe World’.
With his latest collection of songs, recorded over a few days in the Hudson Valley of New York, Trae weaves through the emotions of feeling stuck in an apocalyptic groundhog day. “After being forced away from touring along with everyone else in the industry, I went back to my family’s farm in West Virginia to enjoy some fresh air.” He says “It only took a week or so until I began writing a batch of songs that fit together the way a record should. By the end of the summer I had the songs, a working album title, and studio time booked with a group of close friends who I knew would bring these songs to life.”
Raised on a small alpaca farm in West Virginia, Trae Sheehan began writing songs as soon as he started learning how to play. Having lived in both New York City and Nashville, along with touring the country in his converted minivan, there is no lack of inspiration for Trae. With songs he calls “Hymns for the Heavyhearted”, his 2019 release Arizona reached No. 7 on the Roots Radio Charts and received international airplay. Sheehan’s latest album Postcards from the Country, full of stripped-down arrangements and personal stories, has been featured in American Songwriter, The Bluegrass Situation, Glide Magazine, PopMatters and many more.
About Andrew Carrington:
Native son Andrew Carrington has been writing since he was 15, and has recently dedicated himself full-time to the craft. Andrew and Trae originally met at the famed Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, TN, just before COVID shut everything down. Opening for Trae Sunday night will be his official solo songwriter debut and will feature upcoming songs from his first release.
> DOORS OPEN AT 6:30pm